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Galvatek - Treatment plants

Chemical cleaning, etching & milling, and anodizing lines for aviation.

Galvatek is the only supplier in the World delivering fully automated and reliable chemical cleaning plants to the aviation industry for three decades. Cost savings, traceability and minimizing human errors are some of the key features in a modern Galvatek plant.

With a modern Galvatek plant you can gain notable cost savings in human resources, consumption of raw materials and energy.

Surface treatment plants

Galvatek designs and delivers purpose-built plants to industries requiring precise and fault-free automation in their manufacturing processes. Because of the broad range Galvatek designs can be applied to, they are always tailored to specific needs of the customer.

  • Anodizing plants for anodizing aluminium profiles
  • Die tool cleaning lines for aluminium extruders
  • Electroplating (Nickel, Copper, Chromium , Tin, Zinc and also Silver and Gold)
  • Chemical Surface treatment (Pickling, Etching, Phosphating, Milling, Passivization)  

For more info, please visit Galvatek Oy web site http://www.galvatek.eu/ 

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