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SR Technics

DAES Representation represents SR Technics Airfoil Services Ltd and SRT engine components repairs.

Seamless aircraft operation depends on serviceable components. SR Technics maintains the removable engine parts (LRUs/QECs) including a wide range of additional major components. Such services are provided on an individual basis or as part of an integrated solution covering maintenance, management and logistics services.
SR Technics Airfoil Services Ltd provides turbine engine hot section component repair services for blades and vanes on GE, CFMI, Snecma, Pratt & Whitney and Rolls Royce large commercial airline engines. This acquisition forms part of SR Technics' strategy to provide Integrated Engine Solutions (IES) for airlines and to expand and enhance SR Technics' product and service offering as SR Technics Airfoil Services has a long-standing reputation in the field of turbine component repairs. 

For more info, please visit  http://www.srtechnics.com

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