DAES Representation

DAES Representation

Out of 15 offices around the World, DAES Representation provides global sales and marketing coverage for a select number of quality principals. The focus is in Maintenance Repair and Overhaul (MRO), Piece Part Repair and Capital Equipment.

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What we do

Cost Effective Sales Coverage

By promoting the interests of more than a single company during any customer visit the sales costs per product are minimized and allows us to inform the customer of new products/technical initiatives that he would not otherwise be aware of. The customer gains due to more competitive pricing and greater awareness of the leading technology advancements and global trends in the industry.

Capital equipment

Seven (7) major equipment OEM's utilize the worldwide services of DAES Representation. The broad variety of Equipment and Tools cover most aspects of MRO activities of OEM's, Airlines and the specialist independent support network

Engine parts repairs

Parts Repair is the traditional core business of DAES Representation and with the new broader portfolio remains an important key part of our activities. Based on DAES Representation support and guidance customers are able to reduce overhaul costs and improve repair yields whilst maintaining or exceeding the desired Quality Standards

DAES Representation highlights

    • Sales Solutions
    • Effective Sales Coverage
    • Account Specific Strategies Development
    • Global Marketing
    • Road to Market
    • Business Development
    • Local Know How and Support
    • Fast Response
    • Financial structuring for capital equipment leasing 


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