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FerroECOBlast Europe

FerroEcoBlast Europe

State of the art shot peening/blasting since 1964 Constantly developing internal quality, intelectual property and providing customized solutions for surface treatment with sand/shot blasting equipment. Professional sand/shot blasting equipment range consists of the most efficient, highest quality, ecological products, continuously field tested in various configurations all over the world.

Shot peening & peen forming

Shot peening is used for surface hardening of mechanical parts running under toughest conditions and are subject to extreme wear. Shot peening can increase fatigue life up to 1000%. Add more value to your high-tech products and increase their lifetime, while protecting them against failures such as fatigue, fretting fatigue and stress corrosion cracking with FerroEcoblast technology of shot peening.

Shot peening of landing gear components

Large robotic shot peen system with two separate chambers is designed to peen the ID and OD surfaces of a range of landing gear components. The parts are loaded and manipulated using an integral machine mounted hoist connecting both chambers and can be rotated or indexed on the precise servo turntables.

Shot peening of jet engine blades

Continuous Shot-Peening Machine - CSP 1300 ROT Continuous Shot-Peening Machine “CSP 1300 ROT” was made to provide glass beads suction peening for processing of turbine blades to induce residual compressive stresses. FerroEcoBlast has made CSP 1300 ROT machine able to peen all kind of metal or alloy parts by means of pressured air peening. Machine can be additionally programed for processing of other various parts.

Other product lines:

Sand/Shot blasting equipment

Since 1964, constantly developing internal benchmarks and customized solutions for surface treatment with sand/shot blasting equipment.

Dry ice blasting/cleaning and snow blasting

Explore new dimensions of cleaning with ecological highly efficient dry ice blasting/cleaning equipment without chemicals and secondary waste and achieve remarkable cleaning results.

Soda blasting

Soda blasting is the quickest, non-abrasive and environmentally safe way to remove all kinds of coatings, without damage to metal, glass, chrome or warping thin sheets of metal.

Ultra High Pressure water blasting

Tough, hazardous and contaminated materials can be safely removed from any kind of surfaces with Ultra High Pressure water blasting.

Robotic & Automated solutions

Increase your plant productivity, flexibility, and efficiency and reduce your overall production costs with FerroECOBlast robotic & automated surface treatment solutions.

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