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Bauer Inc

Bauer is a leading designer and manufacturer of aircraft component test equipment providing solutions to the global aerospace industry, focusing on testing and support applications in these product and service areas: 

  • Engine and Control Systems
  • Engine Components
  • Wheel and Brake Equipment
  • Thermal and Fluid Management Systems
  • Air Management Systems
  • Electric Actuation Systems
  • Cargo Loading Systems
  • Water and Waste Systems
  • Component Overhaul and Repair Tooling

Bauer sells to market-leading customers across the aerospace industry, including major aircraft manufacturers, aircraft component OEMs, airlines, independent MRO shops and military organizations.

Recognized around with world as a technology leader in all rapidly growing test system areas, the Bauer brand name is synonymous with quality, reliability and exceptional service.

For more info, please visit Bauer web site http://www.bauerct.com/ 

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