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FST - Thermal spray solutions.

FST is a dynamic, innovative, experienced and hands-on thermal spray company committed to quality and customer service. FST has the experience, knowledge and resources available to provide you with full support in finding solutions for  specific surface problems or requirements. 

FST commitment to innovation, quality and service together with hands-on practical expertise enables the company to offer a full range of services, materials and systems on plasma, HVOF, cold spray and arc thermal spray processes. 

Their mission is to be Industry’s Choice for a Quality and Reliable Partner for Complete Thermal Spray Technology, Logistics, and Coating Solutions. 

Among its solutions:
  • Turnkey Thermal Spray Systems
  • High Velocity Oxygen Fuel (HVOF) Spray 
  • Plasma Spray
  • Cold Gas Spray
  • Arc Wire Spray
  • Flame Powder Spray
  • Flame Wire Spray
  • Laser Cladding
  • FST Consumables and spare parts

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